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2009_02_27 - Liwa Desert Trip
Desert overnight trip arranged by the Norwegian/Swedish church in Dubai

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 Lunch break at Emirates Car Museum, with the world's largest truck. Among other strange things...  Lots of cars of different kinds, all collected by Sheik Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.  Strange small tanks were also there  Sheikh Hamad is called  One car in each of the rainbow's color. Including the leather seat color, interior color....  Mercedes with slightly bigger wheels...  Linda in front of a strange World Trailer  The cars lined up for the trip  Desert ready in front of us. 45 degrees hot...  Deflating the tires  Linda also ready  The group gathered  Here we go  Hesitating before the edge and the drop  Nice drop  Happy Linda  More nice drops  Happy driver :-)  Oops.  Going down, around 40 degrees slope  High dunes  Camels found here and there around the area  Hard work on the windy top of the dune  OVerlooking the beautiful landscape  Another nice drop  Lasse, the leader, having fun  Short break  Here I go. Lowest gear possible... engine breaking down!  Action by me  Some nice Norwegians on the trip  Happy couple!  Yes, there is ground water in this area!  Relaxing after the 1st day driving  Linda also relaxed  Setting up the camp for the night  Perfect temperature to sit outside and enjoy the tranquillity  Sunset  A towline is the perfect utensil  Sunset, again  Preparing BBQ dinner
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