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Borealis visitors in November
Conferences, meetings and social events with visiting colleagues from Europe

 Desert trip  Tour operator camp  Running up that hill... or maybe not  Better than the gym stairclimber  Nice view  Rest!  Monkey style was very efficient, as our corporate CEO shows!  Björn and Thomas riding in the sunset  Holger and Gunnar enjoying arabic barbecue dinner  About 100 persons on the tour  Belly dancer  Belly dancing school!  Colombian band at Trader Vic's in Abu Dhabi  Antti enjoying beer at the Oktober-fest. In Abu Dhabi!  Heeeyyy!  Partytime  Quite a good rock cover band., within Asian lady keyboardist  headbanging.  Would you agree these guys have not been drinking?  Fabulous guy in the back left!  Sunset over Abu Dhabi island  Desert outside Ruwais. Can you spot the low flying fighter jet?  The Norwegian delegation, outside Ruwais  Camel camp outside Ruwais  I wonder what a camel camp attendant is watching on his diesel powered satellite TV...  Sunset zoo   Last  minutes of the day