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Milford Sound
Bus took us from Dunedin to Te Anau, where we had a big day out in the Milford Sound

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 On the road from Te Anau to Milford Sound  Mirror lakes  Mirror lakes. Unfortunately no clear skies...  Funny looking tree stuff (lichen?)  Heavy tree!  One of the many river rapids in the area  River rapid  A bit wet weather unfortunately  But the rain meant more waterfalls!  Happy couple by the Homer Saddle  Homer tunnel  One of many waterfalls by Milford Sound  Seal resting  Waterfall  Beautiful Milford Sound  Another waterfall  Waterfalls  Amazingly nice views  Many rainbows created by sun and waterfall mist!  Lots of waterfalls from the peaks  Still quite chilly...  Waterfall  Going into the waterfall  Yay, some sunlight!  Could finally unbutton the rain jacket  Sunshine means happier face!  Still snow on top of some peaks  Fiordland beauty  Powerful waters  Strange tree creations  Cold temperate rainforest  Small waterfalls in the rainforest  The Chasm  The Chasm  Huge ferns!  On a nature walk  Wonderful views  Spectacular scenery  Kea bird in our bus  Kea up close!
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