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Melbourne & Mornington peninsula
After the Whitsunday's, we spent 9 days in charming Melbourne and the wine areas of Mornington Peninsula

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 Strange drink decorations... some bar on Brunswick street in Carlton/Fitzroy  Sydney street  House rented in Shoreham, Mornington peninsula  House built in French country style  House felt a bit like Provence  Shoreham beach. Widestretched, though not very beautiful  Evening wine  Capsicums for the wedding occupied most of the fridge...  Antipasti and great wine at T'Gallant winery  T'Gallant vineyards  Chocolate strawberry fondue at Strawberry hill  If you don't understand this sign...  Koala on the road!  Where should I go?  Ahh, finally found a tree  Kubb - the noble Swedish game  Camilla at Arthurs seat  Ferry terminal by Sorrento  Paragliders  Wonderful nature surroundings on the peninsula  Camilla ready for NY eve party  King and Queen of hearts!  Linda Brown and Linda Blond  Fear and loathing...  True Las Vegas marriage couple  Ruth and Maria  The other Maria with Linda Blond (or Cleopatra if you like)  Jodie the Jackpot  Found these glasses...  Everybody geared up for theme party  Don't mess with the King and Queen!  Party!  Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. And some other dude in between.  Yes sir, I can boogie  No comments needed...  NYE party oni the dance floor  Huggy!  St Kilda in Melbourne  St Kilda in Melbourne  St Kilda beach and pier
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