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Dunedin on South Island New Zealand was next stop after Melbourne. We stayed at Hogwartz(!) and went on awesome wildlife tour!

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 South Island from above  Our awesome hostel room at Hogwartz!  New Zealand turned to be a quite wet experience all in all... in Dunedin due to rain.  Hogwartz reception. Notice the Harry Potter items?  The nice kitchen at Hogwartz  Church outside the hostel - one of many Victorian buildings in NZ  Another Victorian building in Dunedin  We had a tour at Cadbury's. Unfortunately, the factory was shut down for the summer.  Dunedin museum was nice, with a good maori section  In the bus with Elm Wildlife tours to Otago Peninsula. Great guides!  Maori village and meeting house  Skies clearing up over Otago Harbour!  Everybody covering up for the windy Albatross viewing  Jin, great guide at the Royal Albatross Centre. Look at the size of that bird!  Albatross in the air  Albatrosses in the air  Strange wing position, but can keep them floating in the air without movement  Like a jet fighter!  We were lucky with so many birds at the same time!  Otago Peninsula is the only nesting area for Royal Albatross on any mainland in the world  Linda the ornitologist!  Typical pic of New Zealand - green hills with lots of white dots (=sheep)  Otago peninsula, simply beautiful!  Black swans  Spoonbilled birds, funny looking guys!  Amazing nature - this the Papanui Inlet  Papanui Inlet  Sheep everywhere...as expected...  Ready for rain and wind on the beach  Linda and a penguin  Yelloweyed penguin, very shy, does not socialize with anybody!  Scratching his back  Standing proud...  Sea lion on the beach  Linda happy to see the wildlife this close!   Beach on Otago Peninsula  Penguins coming up for the night after a fay of fishing  Well prepared for the weather  Marvellous rainbow
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