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2007 - Summer vacation
Two weeks of travelling around in the old country in June

 Arriving from UAE at Arlanda  Old town in Stockholm. Still a bit chilly weather  Champagne on ice and strawberries. Nice!  Linda enjoys the champagne  Excellent dinner on the Thaiboat in Stockholm  Dinner with Linda's dad and Arja  Dad and me in Billdal  In Billdal with dad and Gunilla  Watching football, Sweden-Iceland, with Hanna and Peter in Billdal  Lina liked to wake me up  Lina enjoys the sunshine and the lighter  Walk and picnic in Slottskogen, Göteborg  At the bus stop in Billdal  Heading for the Billdal beach  Billdal waterfront  Yo!  We enjoy the nice warm June weather in Billdal  Billdal waterfront  Not very warm, but quite nice  Yep! Ocean swim in early June, believe it or not!  Linda also dared  Lina and her friend preferred warmer water  Linda with sister Emma, half sister Marlene and half brother Tobias  Hot, hot, hot on the school yard at Marlene's high school graduation in Stockholm  Extremely nice armchair!  Graduate reception with Linda's family in Stockholm  Yes, I did have a terrible hangover from Natalie's party the evening before...  Posing in front of central Stockholm  Enjoying the Stockholm city view from Molly's garden  Having Mom's marvellous raspberry drinks in Linderyd  Janne, mom and Lina  Lisa also liked the drink  Stunning! Swedish summer!  Mrs Barbecue  Linderyd  Lina in a good mood as usual  Lina is sceptic towards the candy  Lina and Linda  Lina likes the swing  Dad, grandma, grandpa, Gunilla, Lisa, Lina and myself