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2007 - Midsummer party in xns
Swedish festivities in a barn with all good ol friends from Chalmers!

 The barn was perfect!  Thomas and Malin getting some hot dog lunch  PB and Karin  Gustaf likes the ball. And not only this one.  Making the maypole  The kids helped out  Thomas looking naughty  Extremely cute pic of Wilma  Progress in the rain  Klara carrying branches  Toby kept everybody safe  Wilma liked collecting slimy garden thingy  PG, PB, Ninon, x and Ljung  Another cute one!  Now some extra flowers.  Singing in the rain  Dancing in the rain  Gustaf and Johanna  Klara  Well, that's me in typical midsummer situation!  Linda also enjoys beer  Self explaining!  Maria, Martin and Karin  Preparing the dinner  Classic dessert!  Midsummer buffet  Cosy dinner setting  Traditional dish. Traditional drinks.  Mr Toastmaster tried desperately to get some party action  Midsummer table  After dinner garden football  Klara enjoys the ice cream. Very very much.  Yet another self explaining shot. Or maybe not... ;-)